home office lighting design

It’s no secret that lighting can affect your productivity on both ends of the spectrum. Proper lighting can boost your mood and energy, resulting in putting out higher-quality work’ whereas, inadequate lighting can result in low energy, headaches, and ultimately, decrease your ability to work effectively. 

In today’s blog, we at Hobrecht Lighting will provide you tips for choosing the perfect office lighting design to help boost your productivity and create an inviting work environment. For one-on-one advice for your lighting needs, schedule a lighting consultation with our lighting experts today! 

Tip #1: Avoid Direct Lighting 

Your home office is a place that you want to minimize distractions. When people think of distractions at home, they usually think of kids running around the house, dogs barking, and car alarms going off in the street. However, the wrong lighting design can also cause distractions such as harsh, direct lighting causing glares over your work space or contrasting shadows that lure your focus elsewhere. To set those distractions aside, we recommend using ambient lighting to open up your space and create a more balanced illumination. 

Tip #2: Place Lighting Strategically

Depending on the size of your office, you might have different areas for different kinds of work. For example, if you have documents to read or notes to jot down, you might move to the chair or couch in the corner of your office instead of staying seated in front of your computer. Consider placing a lamp in this area to provide direct lighting for those tasks, and then move back to your desk where ambient lighting is utilized to enter your work into your computer. In other words, think of the tasks you will complete in the different areas of your office, and place the lighting fixtures accordingly. 

Tip #3: Natural Lighting Is Essential 

Natural lighting is something that is often overlooked when it comes to home office lighting design. Don’t underestimate the power of natural light to boost your productivity. If you have an area in your home office that receives natural light, we recommend placing your desk where the natural light is in front of or next to it. This helps avoid glare from the sun while still getting the subtle, natural lighting. 

Tip #4: Minimize Clutter

The saying goes, “a cluttered desk is a cluttered mind.” No matter the size of your home office, you want to minimize clutter and distractions, which means it’s not the best idea to pack your space full of lamps. Instead, we recommend incorporating pendant lighting and wall lights to still provide the appropriate illumination in the room, without taking up space around your desk. 

Tip #5: Mix and Match To Your Style

While choosing the right type of lighting for your home office is essential, you also want to incorporate light fixtures that are in line with your personal style. This will make you feel comfortable and at peace, allowing you to focus on your work rather than staring at a fixture that you aren’t a fan of. If you need help finding fixtures that speak to you, schedule a consultation with our lighting experts today! 


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