We’ve been examining lighting style in our recent blog posts. Using style is one way to help you choose the lighting you are looking for throughout your home. Hobrecht Lighting in Sacramento offers many types of lighting styles for you to choose from. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at just a few of them, and when you’re ready, visit our lighting showroom in Sacramento, the largest lighting showroom on the West coast, today.


  • European influence. European influence largely refers to design elements stolen from Europe that were incorporated into American artisanship. In lighting, you may see delicate, intricate designs that were popular in England, sleek designs from Italy, or sophisticated designs from France. Hence, many lights that you’ll see with a European influence combine elements from Europe with American utilitarianism. Thus, you’ll see an elaborate chandelier made with a wood base or outdoor lighting that uses heavy metals with ornateness.
  • Restoration style. The Restoration style was an art movement in the mid to late 1600s. Also known as the Carolean style (after King Charles of England), this style was a return to opulence when King Charles took back the throne during that time. Previously, the style had been influenced by the Puritans, so it was extremely simple with minimal materials being used. You’ll typically see heavy, more expensive metals and woods, such as oak and walnut, and designs that featured nature, such as lilies, fruit, and other ornately-carved leaves. This style ended when William and Mary took the throne. Hobrecht Lighting in Sacramento features many lighting options in the Restoration style.
  • Traditional style. You can think of Traditional style as pulling from many different types of past styles to create a comfortable, homey feel. Design elements are pulled from different centuries, designed to be simple, useful, and elegant. One of the most popular styles because it has something for everyone and the variety is endless, the Traditional style features warm colors and symmetrical lines with curves and designs that are not so intricate as to overload the eyes. The woods and metals are simple and light, combining uncluttered with elegant sophistication.
  • Victorian style. Perhaps one of the most well-known styles, Victorian style was named after and became popular during Queen Victoria’s reign in England throughout the 19th century. Victorian style incorporates many classic architectural styles from the ancient Greeks and Romans, but uses modern technology and materials. Form triumphed over function with the more elaborate the lighting piece, the better. Hence, expect to see over the top design elements in all of the Victorian-style lighting with lots of scrolls, floral patterns, and crystal. Victorian style lighting is very popular at Hobrecht Lighting in Sacramento.


Hobrecht Lighting in Sacramento offers the best lighting solutions for bathroom lighting, kitchen lighting, and outdoor lighting. We have lighting specialists who can help you determine your lighting needs based off style and function. Make an appointment today for a lighting consultation, and visit our lighting showroom in Sacramento to get a feel for all of the available lighting styles. Contact us today!