In the world of lighting, there have been many lighting styles invented, all of which remain popular today. This enables you to customize your home and create the exact aesthetic look and ambiance you are looking for. Lighting is something to enjoy. It creates mood. It enables us to see. With lighting, you can let your creative juices flow.

Hobrecht Lighting in Sacramento is passionate about helping you find the right type of lighting for your home or office. We have lighting specialists who can help guide you in your quest for the perfect lighting. Below, we’ll take a look at more styles in order to help you use style to choose lighting. Make an appointment today with one of our lighting specialists!


  • Mica style. Similar to Tiffany style, Mica style lighting uses mica in its lamp shades to create beautiful, soft ambient lighting solutions. The Mica style came out of the arts and crafts movement in the late 1800s, and sometimes is classified with the Mission-style lighting since they were created so close together. Mica is a mineral that naturally occurs in layers. It’s light and easily breakable, but also easy to work with, making it a perfect material for lighting. Mica style lamps have emerged into the contemporary design realm as well, with whole lamps being made of mica. Hobrecht Lighting in Sacramento offers hundreds of Mica style lighting for your individual needs.
  • Sports themed lighting. Stemming from the growing popularity of sports, sports themed lighting is a relatively new lighting design that features lighting with some kind of sports element incorporated. For example, you can find light fixtures with horses and golfers or skiiers and pool tables. You can even order sports-themed lighting that has your college insignia. The sports lover in your family will love Hobrecht Lighting in Sacramento’s sports themed lighting.
  • Kids themed lighting. Just because kids are little doesn’t mean we shouldn’t offer them cool lighting as well. Kids themed lighting has exploded in popularity, with dinosaurs and Disney characters leading the way. From ceiling fans that are pink and blue to lighting fixtures that feature your favorite cartoon character, such as SpongeBob, Hobrecht Lighting in Sacramento offers lighting to personalize your child’s room as well. We also offer some of the best nightlights for kids as well.
  • Cuisine themed lighting. Another newer lighting design, cuisine themed lighting is mainly used for kitchen lighting fixtures. Often you’ll find bottles that have lights in them or even whole chandeliers made out of bottles. Cuisine themed lighting is perfect for the wine lover in your family.


As you can see, Hobrecht Lighting in Sacramento has all of your residential and commercial lighting needs covered. We offer something for every member of the family, leaving the option open for you to either customize by style or by room — or both! All styles of lighting serve a purpose; it’s just a matter of discovering yours. Speak to a lighting specialist today!