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Wall Lights


There are many different types of wall lights that serve a variety of functions in your home. From bathroom wall lights that provide illumination while you’re getting ready each day to living room wall lights that exhibit your unique style, we have it all here at Hobrecht Lighting in Sacramento.

Whether you’re looking for rustic wall lights, modern wall lights, or something in between, our lighting experts are here to help you find the perfect fixture you’ve been searching for. Browse our wall lights online now,or stop by our lighting showroomto take a look at our large selection of fixtures to choose from.

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Ready to brighten up different areas of your home while adding a personal touch at the same time? At Hobrecht lighting, we have endless combinations of sizes, shapes, finishes, and designs to choose from when it comes to wall lighting ideas. Have something particular in mind? Our lighting experts can point you in the right direction! Not sure what kind of wall lights would look best in your home? We can determine the style and finish that would be the perfect addition to your space. Just schedule a consultation, or stop by our lighting showroom to get started!

In the meantime, here are some of the different wall lights we offer:

Bathroom Wall Lights
Living Room Wall Lights
Wall Torchieres
Decorative Wall Lights
And More!

Regardless of if you’re using wall lights to provide additional lighting in a room of your home, or you’re just wanting to add more design elements to showcase your personal style, we at Hobrecht Lighting have everything you need to complete your space. Schedule a consultation with our lighting experts today for one-on-one assistance, or visit our lighting showroom today to find the perfect wall lights for your home.


No matter what type of installation, wall lights can add warmth and elegance to any space. However, when it comes to selecting the perfect wall light for your home, it can be hard to determine what kind of wall light to choose. We are here to help decipher the difference between common kinds of wall lights to provide some clarity.

 Uplights - This kind of wall light directs the illumination of the lightbulb up a wall, which provides a great accent light and creates a relaxing, subtle ambiance.

 Down Lights - Downlights are commonly used to direct light below, providing ample lighting to a specific area in the room, whether that be a side table, piece of art, or other object that needs additional lighting.

 Reading and Swing Arm Lights -For areas that you need light in certain instances, but not always, swing arms are the kind of wall light you’re wanting. They have adjustable components that enable you to bring the light to you, and move it away when it’s not needed anymore.

 Bathroom Wall Lights - The main purpose of bathroom wall lights is to provide balanced lighting in your bathroom that does not create any glare.

 Picture Lights - Have pictures or artwork in your home that you’d like to be a focal point? Picture lights illuminate specific works of art to draw your guests’ attention.

Ready To Bring Your Wall Lighting Ideas To Life?

Stop by our lighting showroom today to get started! You will be amazed at the impressive selection we have to choose from. From traditional wall lights to more dramatic designs, we are sure you will find the perfect lighting fixture for your home that you’ve been searching for.Schedule a consultation or visit our lighting showroom today

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