In our on-going blog series about using style to choose your lighting needs, we’ve been taking a look at the characteristics of lighting styles, all of which we carry. Hobrecht Lighting in Sacramento offers the best selection of indoor lighting and outdoor lighting. From landscape lighting to safety lighting and from bedroom lighting to kitchen lighting, we have all of your lighting needs under one roof. And as the largest showroom on the West coast, Hobrecht Lighting in Sacramento has a pretty big roof! Below, we’ll continue our on-going series of looking at the various styles of lighting, so you can have an idea of what to look for when you visit us. Set up a consultation with a lighting specialist today!


  • Crystal style. A very self-explanatory lighting style, crystal style incorporates crystal into all of its lighting in some way. Crystal lighting emerged as part of the opulence of the Victorian era. Crystals are solid materials that are arranged in highly-organized patterns that is found naturally in the earth. There are  man-made crystals as well. However, crystal is not cheap, so the idea to incorporate crystals into lighting (mostly into chandeliers) was a way for the upper class to advertise how wealthy they were. Crystal chandeliers are still popular today, and Hobrecht Lighting in Sacramento offers a wide selection of chandeliers and other lighting in the Crystal style.
  • Nautical style. Nautical means sea in Latin, so the Nautical style stems from the unique needs of sailors. With regards to lighting, lanterns that sailors had to carry had to be light and be able to withstand the elements, namely salt, water, wind, and the sun. Lots of wire cages were incorporated to protect the lighting. Nautical-style lighting used natural wood, ropes, and access ports to the light bulb. Practical, utilitarian, and uncluttered dominated the Nautical style, which is still popular today.
  • Rustic style. Influenced by the Amercian craftsman style, Rustic style is a return to nature as well with an emphasis on rugged, natural style. Inspired by nature, rustic often uses wood as its distinguishing feature. Rustic style is usually rough, aged, and casual with handmade being more the norm. Green, brown, and gray dominates, all of which creates a cozy, warm environment. Rustic-style lighting usually incorporates wood in a homey feel with soft light dominating. At Hobrecht Lighting in Sacramento, Rustic style lighting is one of our most popular lighting styles. Contact us today to learn more.
  • Tiffany style. One of the most recognized styles, Tiffany lighting is lighting that always has a multi-colored glass shade that invokes mood and style over function. The Tiffany lamp was originally made by Tiffany studios around the turn of the 20th century, each lamp was handmade and usually featured flowers, dragonflies, spiders, butterflies, peacock feathers, and more borrowed from the natural world. A real Tiffany lamp is one of these created by the Tiffany studios. However, many imitations with a similar look are referred to as Tiffany lamps. Hobrecht Lighting in Sacramento sells Tiffany lamps. Shop today!


Hobrecht Lighting in Sacramento offers the best indoor lighting and outdoor lighting. Visit us today to see more!