Determine what your lighting goals are, and stick to them. Whether you’re wanting to add more light to a particularly dark room or want to elevate the room by accessorizing with statement lamps, it’s important to decide what your intent is and stick to it. While creativity and diversity in a room can be great, if you don’t pay attention to all of the aspects of the room and how they work together, the space won’t be as attractive.

Keep height in mind. Lamp height, while often overlooked, is an important aspect to consider when decorating a room with lamps. For example, table lamps for your bedroom should be proportionate with your nightstand and mattress. If you need help determining the right size of lamp for a room, contact us today!

Lamp placement is key. Lamps are great and can add style and illumination to any room. However, if you place a lamp in the line of site or a high foot-trafficked area, you could be taking away from the functionality of the room. Be sure to place lamps where they are easily accessible and provide the lighting you are wanting without being a disruption to the flow of the room.

Get creative. The great thing about lamps is they can be moved to different areas of the room or even to different rooms in your home. Have fun with your lamps and let your creativity flow! If you have a room that seems to be lacking design or style, try adding a lamp to the space. You’ll be surprised by how much of an impact it has!