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Kitchen Lighting


Your kitchen serves multiple purposes. Sure, preparing meals is what it’s primarily meant for, but it also acts as a gathering space when hosting friends and family, a place for the kiddos to do their homework, and so much more. Considering the large amount of time you spend in your kitchen each day, it is essential to have the right combination of kitchen lighting fixtures to ensure it is not only functional but showcases your unique style at the same time. 

We at Hobrecht Lighting have a large selection of lighting fixtures, from pendant and LED lighting to undercabinet lighting and everything in between. Visit our lighting showroom in Sacramento today to check out our impressive collections. 

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Whether you need to create ample lighting over your kitchen island to prepare food each day or you are in search of a statement chandelier to elevate your kitchen’s design, we have it all. Let our lighting consultants at our Sacramento lighting showroom know what you’re looking for, and we will point you in the right direction. 

Here are the different kinds of light fixtures for kitchens that we offer here at Hobrecht Lighting:

Directional Lights
Flush Mounts
Recessed Lighting

As an expert lighting company, we know that there are various kinds of lighting that your kitchen needs to illuminate the space and provide ample visibility. We don’t expect all of our customers to know the different lighting fixtures they need, that’s why we’re here to help.

Schedule a consultation with one of our lighting experts to help you determine what lighting you need. We’re here to bring your dream home to life!


The perfect kitchen lighting combination can be an intimidating task. That’s why we at Hobrecht Lighting are here to give you some tips:

 Recessed Lights - Used for general lighting and placed over task areas, recessed lighting is essential in kitchens. The common rule of thumb is to space them out between five to six feet apart from one another.

 Directional Lighting - Directional lighting is great for providing additional light to a particular area. Oftentimes, people will place these lighting fixtures over the cooktop, refrigerator, oven, food prep areas, and sinks. Want advice on where your kitchen could benefit from directional lighting? Ask one of our expert lighting consultants today!

 Pendant Lights - If you’re looking to add style, color, or a focal point to your kitchen, pendant lighting is your solution. Our selection of pendant lighting includes various shapes, sizes, and designs. Keep it simple or find statement pendants to draw your guests’ eyes, the choice is yours!

 Cabinet Lighting - Cabinet lights are a huge asset to your kitchen lighting design. They provide additional lighting to the items in your kitchen and can help illuminate the floor space in areas that may not receive as much light as others. Interested in undercabinet lighting for your kitchen? Shop our online catalog today!

 Decorative Lighting - Once you have the essential lighting aspects of your kitchen taken care of, you can let your creativity shine. Additional decorative lighting, such as chandeliers and lamps, can showcase your own style and tie the entire space together.

Ready to bring your kitchen to life with the perfect lighting combination?

Visit our showroom or browse our online catalog today to get started! All of our lighting consultants are highly-trained and know how to connect you with the lighting solutions that best suit your needs. For additional questions, requests, or information, contact us at Hobrecht Lighting. We are here to help you with all of your lighting needs.

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