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Lighting is one of the most important elements of your home’s design. It serves and addresses many day-to-day functions — safety, the ability to complete tasks around the house, setting the mood for entertaining guests, unifying the homeowner’s ideal design and aesthetic and more. Above all else, lighting is beautiful and one-of-a-kind light fixtures will bring your house to life.

At Hobrecht Lighting, our lighting showroom is Sacramento’s first choice for every light fixture, from foyer chandeliers to bathroom sconces. Stop by and find your home’s perfect lighting design with the help of our lighting consultants, or feel free to browse our wide array of lighting products online. We’re sure you’ll find something you absolutely love. 

Types Of Lighting Solutions

Whether you’re simply upgrading the outdated lighting in your office space or you’re looking to spice things up in your kitchen with elaborate light fixtures, we have lighting solutions that fit a variety of goals, styles and budgets. Whatever room in your home that needs a lighting facelift, from your bathroom to your office to your bedroom, we’ve got the lighting solution for you at our lighting store in Sacramento.

Here are the lighting fixtures we offer at Hobrecht Lighting:

We also offer other home decor options to complement the lighting you choose, such as home accents and furniture.

If you’re not exactly design-savvy and are unsure about what will look good in your home, feel free to consult one of our lighting experts. We have years of experience helping various customers find lighting for their dream homes. Schedule a lighting consultation today.

Finding Your Space’s Perfect Lighting Design

When it comes to finding the perfect lighting design for the rooms in your home or office space, there are really only five things you need to keep in mind.

  • Always keep safety and security at top of mind. Before anything else, make sure the lighting you choose keeps you and your family safe. This might mean providing sufficient task lighting in your kitchen or installing sensor lights outside of any entryways.
  • Determine what your lighting goals are and then stick to them. Before you install any light fixtures, decide what you want to accomplish in the space to determine how bright the room needs to be and where light fixtures should be placed.
  • Layer your lighting. Ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting are three types of lighting you should consider when lighting a room.
  • Think of your lights as added decoration to the space. Sure, lights are mainly functional, but you can also use light fixtures as a way to spruce up the room and add some of your personality to it.  
  • Get creative. There aren’t really any set-in-stone rules when it comes to choosing light fixtures. Get creative with your choices to make your home stand out among your friends’ and family members’ houses.

Visit Our Showroom or Browse Our Online Catalog

At Hobrecht Lighting, all of our lighting sales consultants undergo extensive training to understand how to best connect our customers with lighting solutions that best suit their homes. Our lighting products come in many different sizes, shapes, designs, styles and finishes, so we know we can connect you with indoor and outdoor lighting solutions that fit your personal preference as well as your budget.

Hobrecht Lighting has been assisting the Sacramento community for several decades, and our family-owned business has provided light fixtures for several notable landmarks in the region — The Senator Hotel, Old Sacramento’s street lights and The Alhambra Theatre, just to name a few.

Need help finding lighting solutions for your home or business? Let us help with your next home improvement project. For more information, reach out to our team by calling 916-238-6152 or by filling out our online form.

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