Always keep safety and security at top of mind. Before anything else, make sure the lighting you choose keeps you and your family safe. This might mean providing sufficient task lighting in your kitchen or installing sensor lights outside of any entryways.

Determine what your lighting goals are and then stick to them. Before you install any light fixtures, decide what you want to accomplish in the space to determine how bright the room needs to be and where light fixtures should be placed.

Layer your lighting. Ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting are three types of lighting you should consider when lighting a room.

Think of your lights as added decoration to the space. Sure, lights are mainly functional, but you can also use light fixtures as a way to spruce up the room and add some of your personality to it.  

Get creative. There aren’t really any set-in-stone rules when it comes to choosing light fixtures. Get creative with your choices to make your home stand out among your friends’ and family members’ houses.