Lighting in your home is important. We need light to see at night, to keep us safe and deter thieves, to make our homes comfortable, and even to offer comfort during a thunderstorm. Hobrecht Lighting in Sacramento has been helping people lead more comfortable, better lives through lighting for over 100 years. A family-owned and operated lighting store, we offer the best in home lighting, interior lighting, and outdoor lighting. From lamps and sconces to accent mirrors and night lights, we can meet all of your lighting needs. In this blog post, we’ll focus on track lighting and how it can benefit you. Contact us today!


Track lighting came about with the desire to have more focused light in one area of your home, office, or business. Track lighting in essence is lighting that is installed on a railing system, thereby making it movable to fit your specific lighting needs. Tracks can either be mounted to ceilings or walls, depending on your lighting needs. Beams, rafters, and joints are often chosen due to their strength and durability of having lighting pulling on their materials. Track lighting fixtures have been utilized for decades in theaters, but it’s just as useful and applicable in your home, office, or business.


  • Aesthetics. Track lighting can come in virtually any material and style. Being utilitarian in design, track lighting goes well with home decor that is simplistic and minimalistic.
  • Versatility. The main reason to install track lighting in your home, office, or business is for the versatility of light. The earth, being a finicky planet, throws days at us that are bright and cloudy, to days at us that are dark and dingy. Being able to tailor your light source to suit your individual preference and your eyesight is priceless.
  • Space saver. With lights hanging from your ceiling or rafters that can move, you will eliminate the need for multiple lamps and other lighting solutions that take up space in your home, which is important if you live in a small space.
  • Highlight features of your home. Another great benefit of track lighting fixtures offered by Hobrecht Lighting in Sacramento is it offers you the ability to highlight certain aspects of your home decor, such as paintings, pictures, pieces of furniture, or sculptures.
  • Moveability. Standard light fixtures are fixed. Once installed, you can’t move them. With track lighting fixtures, that problem is eliminated as the lights can be moved to suit your tastes.
  • Offers powerful lighting options. Depending on the number of lights you decide to install on your track lighting, you can flood the entire room with light. Track lighting can be used with LED light bulbs, which saves you money on electricity costs and lasts longer than traditional incandescent light bulbs. Track lighting is also perfect to create both warm and cool light, which is determined by color temperature. Warm light is popular to use at night as it’s more relaxing, while cool lighting is more appropriate for the daytime, as it gives us a feeling of alertness and energy. Warm light is typically reddish or yellow, while cool light is typically bluer.
  • Ideal for small spaces. Track lighting fixtures are perfect for smaller spaces since it can be mounted where convenient and it overall very thin.

Hobrecht Lighting in Sacramento offers the largest lighting showroom in the area. We have hundreds of light fixtures on display so you can accurately see what the light fixture would look like in your home, office, or business. We offer lighting solutions perfect for individual rooms in your home or office, such as bathroom lighting, bedroom lighting, and kitchen lighting. We also offer lighting solutions for particular needs, such as task lighting or ceiling fan lighting options.

Outdoor lighting is just as important as your indoor lighting solutions. From wall mounts, sconces, and hanging lights, we offer the perfect option to accent the exterior of your home and provide light and safety where it’s needed most. With spring and summer right around the corner, check our our landscape lighting to either light your pool, patio, or deck or to light your water feature or even your bird feeder.

Hobrecht Lighting in Sacramento also offers lighting consultations for those who are unsure about lights and which lights to choose for their homes. Visit our lighting showroom today, or contact us online!