If you are searching for a way to update your home and breathe some freshness into your interior, a good place to start is your lighting and lighting fixtures. Rather than dealing with your outdated or inefficient system, opting into an LED lighting system can be a great option to change things up. As they gain popularity, LED lights are becoming more common to see in homes and not just commercial settings. The most common lighting options, incandescent and fluorescent, are still quality options, but if you have been considering LED lights, the Hobrecht Lighting team has some tips and knowledge to help you decide if they are right for you.

What is LED Lighting?

You may be hesitant to make a switch to LED lighting simply because you are unsure of what they are and what differentiates them from fluorescent and incandescent bulbs. Fluorescent bulbs are full of mercury that, when fed an electric current, lights up. Incandescent light bulbs contain a filament that lights up when heated due to electricity running through it. LED lights, rather than using a filament or gas to create light, use internal circuitry to illuminate. More specifically, the inside consists of negatively charged semiconductors that, when powered, create photons (light). So, what makes this sort of lighting a good choice for you?


One thing you will notice right away with LED lights is that they can be used in numerous capacities, not just for simply lighting a room. Incandescent and fluorescent bulbs are stuck with high or low brightness outputs, making them a soft or hard white that is recognizable and offers little versatility. If you are in the market for lights that allow you to change color or control dimness or brightness per bulb rather than the whole room, LED offers those options and more. Using a dimmer specific to your LED lights, you can control the brightness, choose if you would like one bulb to be magenta and the other cyan, and do everything from an app on your phone. Unlike its cousins, LED lighting provides a plethora of lighting options.

Brightness is Different

Have you ever gone to buy some light bulbs, looked at the boxes, and immediately realized you had no idea what wattage you need? Well, fortunately for you, LED lights don’t require you to know the wattage measurement. Instead, LED brightness and power is measured in lumens. This measurement will take some getting used to, so if you are unfamiliar, it is best to ask the professionals at Hobrecht for help deciding what is best for your needs.

LED Lights Last Longer

We love fluorescent and incandescent bulbs because they are tried and true. Even so, we have all run into the problem of burnout and necessity to replace these, especially in rooms where you often use the lights. It seems like you just replaced a bulb when it blows out again. Because of the electrical interior of an LED bulb, you run less risk of a short life-span and get some more longevity from your lights.

If you are hoping to change your home’s lighting situation, need some new fixtures, or have any other lighting needs, the Hobrecht Lighting team is here to help. Stop by our showroom in Sacramento and see why we are the best in the lighting business!

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