Lighting is a necessity throughout almost any home. While your mind may first think of overhead light fixtures, sconces and wall lights are another great option for nearly any room in your home. Whether they serve as accent lights or the primary source of illumination, wall sconces bring a touch of versatility to your home, especially in spaces you would not always consider. Sconces and wall lights are perfect for non-room spots in the home, and the Hobrecht Lighting team wants to highlight some of the areas you could easily add wall fixtures to fix any lighting woes. When you’re ready to find the best sconces for your home, explore the countless options at the Hobrecht Lighting showroom!

Dining Room

Your dining room is anchored by the ornate chandelier in the center of the room. It often hangs over the dining table, drawing people to gather around and converse or eat together. With such a beautifully large chandelier in the room, it can be easy to forget about your walls and the rest of the room. If you notice parts of your room are lacking in illumination, opting to install sconces or wall downlights can be a perfect solution. Not only can you find sconces to accent your chandelier, but you will never have to be concerned about too much or too little lighting during your next dinner party.


If you have a house consisting of more than one story, you are familiar with staircases. Going up and down a flight can be a tedious task if you do not have adequate lighting. You may also find yourself with a staircase lighting fixture that is overkill for the space itself, as a chandelier or six overhead recessed can lights might not be best for the moderate use. This is why sconces and other wall lights can be great for your home’s stairs. Not only are they more sensible and cost efficient, but you never have to worry about using a ladder to change a lightbulb on the stairs!


If you’re not in a room in your home, you are most likely walking through a hallway. No one likes walking down a dark hallway, whether it’s because we’ve watched too many scary movies or we tend to bump into walls. Like staircases, you could also find yourself with too many lights in your hallway that simply don’t need to be there. Adding something like modern wall sconces to your hallways can increase visibility, create a better aesthetic, and reduce your energy bill.

Sconces are a highly versatile lighting fixture, as they can be used in nearly any room or space in your home. From accent lighting to the main fixture in a room, sconces can serve numerous purposes. If you are looking for a way to install sconces or add some flair to your home’s lighting, stop by the Hobrecht Lighting showroom. We have a knowledgeable staff and years of experience in the lighting industry, we will help you find exactly what your home needs. Stop by today!