In our last entry, we talked about the basics of how to light your bathroom. Today, we will cover a few more ways to think about bathroom lighting and some tips to help you get the most out of your bathroom, whether you use it as a room where you just get ready for the day or if you use it as a relaxing space where you get away from it all.

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Lighting Flexibility

Last time we talked about how important it is to layer your lighting with accent, task, and ambient lighting to create the right amount of light for most of the things you do in the bathroom. One of the best ways to add even more functionality and flexibility to your lighting is by installing dimmers. Dimmers allow you to easily change the feel of your bathroom very quickly. When you get home from a hard day at work and you really want to relax and pamper yourself, a set of dimmers will turn your bathroom into a soothing, comfortable spa. The right dimmers will Adjustable lighting will also help you read while taking a bath without squinting too much or having to stare directly into a bright light.

LEDs in the Bathroom

LED lights are both incredibly energy efficient and long-lasting. They are also smaller than regular incandescent and fluorescent fixtures, so you have many more options when you are trying to light your bathroom. We’ve found that using small LED fixtures under cabinets and artwork are a great way to get the light you want without having to use big, clunky fixtures. LEDs also put off a lot less heat than incandescent bulbs so they can have more bulbs without your bathroom turning into a sauna.

More is Usually Better

A common mistake we see in a lot of bathrooms, especially older ones, is that people don’t have enough light. While the goal might have been to create a more laid back atmosphere, low lighting does you no favors when you’re trying to get ready in the morning, and can also cause eye strain if you are in there too long. As we mentioned before, layering your light and having the ability to dim certain fixtures will give you the balance you need to create any atmosphere you want.

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