Unless you only work at home, your home office can be one of those rooms that easily becomes a storage area for the other parts of your life. One of the biggest reasons this can happen is because it might not feel like an office for one reason or another. Sometimes the room doesn’t have the right decor and sometimes your office might suffer from bad lighting that makes it feel dingy or sleepy.

At Hobrecht Lighting in Sacramento, we specialize in helping people light and decorate every room of their house, including their home offices. We can take any space and make it into a room that helps you get things done. Contact us or stop by our giant, 18,000 square-foot lighting showroom to get some ideas about how to turn your office into a shining beacon of productivity!

Examine What You’re Starting With

The home office is a tricky room. Sometimes it needs to function as a perfect work space and sometimes it is used as a retreat from the rest of the house. How do you go about making it work well for both situations? Start by taking stock of what the room is already doing well. Is it already a cozy room where you can relax or is it a room where you are able to concentrate and get work done or does it do neither particularly well?

Write down the strengths of the room and then focus on the weaknesses. Do you have a hard time getting your work done because the room is too gloomy or dull? New lights can help there, either in the form of a desk lamp or overhead light fixtures. Can you not use your office as a place to escape to because it feels too sterile or clinical? Some new home decor in a corner of the room might help, or you could put in some new lights that feature dimmers so you can adjust the vibe of the room.

Once you have some ideas of where to start, the lighting and home decor experts at Hobrecht Lighting can help you figure out what will meet your needs. We’ve helped tons of people turn their home offices into spaces that are easy to work and unwind in thanks to our gigantic selection of products that match your personal style. We suggest taking some measurements of the room and creating a little sketch that shows the general layout of the room, where the current fixtures are, and what furniture you already have in your office. This information will help our lighting experts work with you to find solutions that are just right for the room.

Some Quick Office Lighting Tips

Use natural light. If you use the office during the day, make sure that you’re taking advantage of the natural light. Face your desk towards a window to avoid glare off of your screens and so you can look outside. Natural light is good for you and it’s free!

Add some flavor with task lighting.Task lighting can also be a great way to show off your personal style. Are you going for a classic look? Try using a Tiffany desk lamp. Want something modern and fun? Sconces and pendant lights give you the light you need while also adding a special flair.

Layer your light. Finding a blend between ambient (main) lighting, task, and accent lighting is the best way to be able to adapt the lighting in your office to any given situation. By using all three kinds, you’ll find that they complement and enhance each other well, while not having enough lighting can cause the entire room to suffer and feel incomplete or drab.

As you can probably tell, lighting a home office can be a difficult and complicated procedure. Luckily, you don’t have to do it all on your own. Come in to Hobrecht Lighting today and we will do everything we can to help make your office into the space you’ve always wanted it to be. While you’re here, you can check out our gigantic selection of interior and exterior lighting and see all of the available options for turning your home into a comfortable, productive place.

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