A lot of individuals think that because they live in a small apartment or home, they need to sacrifice certain elements of design in their living space. We’re here to tell you that’s simply not the case, especially when it comes to your small apartment or home’s lighting design. Sure, you won’t have the ability to indulge in large, elaborate chandeliers and you shouldn’t get wild with floor lamps, but you can still optimize your lighting design, no matter how large or small your humble abode is.

At Hobrecht Lighting in Sacramento, California, our lighting specialists have helped customers find lighting solutions for their homes, always keeping in mind style, size, and budget. We can help you find light fixtures and lighting designs for your small space that are functional, trendy and that will significantly add to your home’s overall ambiance.

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Read on below for additional lighting design tips for your small apartment or home.

Go for the flush mount and semi-flush mount options.

When it comes to choosing a light fixture for a smaller room or lower ceiling, we always recommend opting for flush mounts and semi-flush mounts. These mounts are installed right on the ceiling of your home, which eliminates any of the space that is used for ceiling light fixtures with downrods. This adds functionality to the space, and these mounts will ultimately make the space of your room feel larger.

Flush mounts and semi-flush mounts come in simple designs as well as more elegant and unique designs, so depending on the ambiance you’re aiming for in the room, we’re sure you’ll find a lighting fixture that fits your preference.

Opt for smaller sized light fixtures.

Don’t shy away from beautiful light fixtures just because you don’t think you have the room for it. Chances are, you probably do. We’re talking about chandeliers, pendants, and lighting designs of the like. Sure, these light fixtures typically are large and extravagant, but luckily, at Hobrecht Lighting, we provide small and medium-sized options for our customers.

When you get a smaller chandelier or pendant, you can still make the same bold statement you could in a room of a larger size. We suggest hanging these smaller sized light fixtures over your eating space, above any bedside tables in your bedroom or over the side tables in your living room. This optimizes your space even more by saving table room for other items rather than table lamps.

Get strategic with your task lighting.

If you’re unfamiliar with what task lighting means, it’s exactly what it sounds like: it’s a lighting solution used in homes that is placed or installed to specifically illuminate a certain area for a specific task. For example, it could be an adjustable wall light for when you want to curl up and read a good book in bed, or it could be undercabinet lights you place underneath your kitchen cabinetry to add light to your counter space

Regardless of what you need to utilize task lighting for, you’ll have to be extra strategic if you live in a small home or apartment. You want your task lighting to not only be functional, but also stylish. You can ask our lighting consultants for advice on the lighting fixtures that will work best for the tasks you need to accomplish your small space!

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