Everyone knows to expect a large, luxurious chandelier when you step into a homeowner’s foyer — but what if you’re not like everyone else? There are definitely more places in your home to hang a chandelier than the standard foyer area, and though we’re all about routine, we encourage homeowners to spice things up a bit in their houses.

At Hobrecht Lighting in Sacramento, California, we offer chandeliers in all shapes, sizes, designs and color finishes, so you’re bound to find one that’ll fit any room in your home! Let our lighting experts help you find the perfect fit — call us or visit our showroom today.

In this blog, we’ll offer tips on where to hang a chandelier in rooms and places other than your foyer.

Try Your Unconventional Rooms

Adding a chandelier to a room will definitely jazz it up and add a sense of elegance that wasn’t there before. There are obviously the go-to rooms like your home’s foyer or above your dining room table, but if you want to spice up other rooms, we suggest considering the more unconventional rooms in your home. Here are four great examples, all of which make great spaces to add a chandelier to.

  • Laundry Room. Turn this mundane room of chores into a room you’ll never want to leave by adding a statement piece or delicate chandelier fixture.
  • Office. Even if you’re the only person who ever walks into your home’s office area, we recommend sprucing up the space with a crystal chandelier because when your room looks good, you feel good. That’s what the say, at least, right?  
  • Bathroom. Make this room you turn to daily into a room of ultimate royalty by placing a chandelier in the middle of your main space, or our favorite, over your bathtub.
  • Child’s Room/Nursery. Upgrade the fluorescent lights in your child’s room with a unique, customized chandelier that matches their room’s style and color.

Use Strategic Design

Another way to get creative with your chandelier hanging is to go beyond placing it in the middle of your desired room. We recommend strategically placing your chandeliers to highlight certain design elements of the room. Here are three specific ideas and examples that we’ve put together:

  • Above the sinks in the bathroom. This is especially beautiful if your bathroom has double sinks, as you can add a sense of symmetry to the room by placing a mini chandelier above each one.
  • Side tables in the bedroom. This strategy provides the functional purpose of adjustable lighting but also gives the room the natural beauty it needs. Instead of placing table lamps on the side tables next to your bed, you can hang one chandelier above each of them and save some table room as well.
  • Several above your kitchen island. Sure, placing one large chandelier above your kitchen island is a wonderful way to add some character to your kitchen. But here’s where you can get creative with your design strategy: try placing two or three mini ones to add some symmetry and unique design elements. If you’re feeling extra modern or contemporary, you could even mismatch the chandeliers to get more customized to your taste.

Go Outdoors

In California, we all love spending time outdoors and making the exterior of our homes look beautiful. A great way to do this is to add an outdoor chandelier to your home — we have two specific areas in mind that will definitely work.

  • Backyard patio or seating area. If you have an area in your backyard that is specifically designed to entertain guests, we suggest hanging an outdoor chandelier in the area to add sensible nighttime lighting and to amplify even more of your personality to the space.
  • Porch. Same as with your backyard seating area, adding an outdoor chandelier to your home’s front porch will enhance its exterior, and will also immediately impress your guests as they approach your house since it’ll be the first thing they see.

Closets and Stairs

The rooms and areas of your home that typically go unnoticed are the rooms where chandeliers add the most subtle yet elegant effect. That’s what is so powerful about adding a chandelier to a unique room — it’ll give it that subdued flair that’ll impress both you and your guests.

  • Closets. Whether you want to add a sophisticated chandelier to your walk-in closet or a mini one in your kitchen’s pantry, we think chandelier lighting fixtures provide the lighting you need while adding more trendy design elements than a simple fluorescent lighting fixture.
  • Above the stairs. This is especially gorgeous if you have a spiraling staircase in your home or a staircase with a midway landing. You can get creative with the chandelier you place here, ultimately depending on the space you have and the impact you want the chandelier to have on the room.

No matter what chandelier you choose, our team here at Hobrecht Lighting in Sacramento is here to provide you with the lighting ideas and advice you need to make your home into your dream home. Our chandeliers come in a variety of design styles, so if you’re unsure of which one will match your home best, let our expert lighting specialists help you accomplish the task!

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