California is fortunate to have relatively wonderful weather for most of the year. With that being the case, outdoor parties and gatherings don’t have to be exclusive to the summer months, which means your patios and decks are always at the ready. If your party goes a little longer than you anticipated, you don’t want to have to wrap it up simply because the sun goes down. That means you’ll need to ensure your outdoor spaces are well-lit so your guests are able to see each other as well as move around without fear of tripping or falling. Landscape lighting is easy enough to figure out, and the team here at Hobrecht Lighting is here to help. Today, we have some tips to help you get started picking out the best outdoor lighting for your needs.

Pathway Lighting

The exterior of your home is where numerous paths and walkways are, be it from the sidewalk to your front door or leading to your backyard, as well as steps and patios. With all of these landscape components, you have numerous options when it comes to lighting. Factors to keep in mind when making this decision are things like the style, landscape layout, the function you need, and where your exterior lights will be set up. Some of the common styles of outdoor lights include:

  • Common Path Lights: These are the lights that resemble miniature lamp posts. These often line a walkway or landscape path and lead up to a door or set of steps. There are a lot of options when it comes to path lights including solar, LED, and traditional. These lights are not meant to illuminate the entirety of a yard, but are great for making sure guests can see where they are going.
  • Step and Stair Lights: A well-lit pathway is great, but if it leads to stairs you cannot see, you still run the risk of falling once the sun sets. Installing lights in or around the steps is a good idea to ensure you and your guests don’t step too far, know the height and distance of each stair, and can land without any issues.
  • Downlights: Maybe your walkways aren’t equipped to handle an entire setup of pathway lighting. If you have a tall, sturdy tree or some other landscape structure, these can be highly useful for setting up downlights. These outdoor light fixtures splash a large area of your yard or pathway with light, which can be great if you have a particularly dark spot outside with which you need help.
  • Landscape Spotlights: Not quite the stage variety, these spotlights are similar to common path lights but are upwards-facing instead of down lighting. Rather than illuminating a certain circumference of real estate, these are meant to provide some more light for the entirety of a walkway. This will give more of the path some light and give anyone walking a more clear picture.

Solar is Your Friend

Running electrical wiring through a yard from your home can be a particularly tricky chore. Rather than trying to become an amateur electrician via home improvement store advice or online articles, you have an alternative to make life, as well as light installation, much easier. Landscape lighting often comes with a solar option. This is especially useful as you won’t often need pathway lights during the day. Solar lights are nice for someone who needs a quick and efficient outdoor lighting solution and can be used right out of the box!

When you are looking for the best lighting selection in northern California, trust the team at Hobrecht Lighting. Our expertise is unmatched and we continually help the Sacramento area with any and all lighting questions. Stop by our showroom and find the perfect lighting solution for any project today!

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