We love lighting, lighting fixtures, and everything that goes along with them. Choosing new fixtures, replacing old light bulbs, and finding the best chandelier for your dining room; it’s what the Hobrecht Lighting team is all about. With that in mind, we also know how best to utilize the lighting you place in your home by using mirrors. Whether you have a dark room with minimal windows or want to take advantage of the natural light in your kitchen, mirrors are a great way to get the most bang for your lighting fixture buck without embarking on a home renovation project. We want to give you some ideas on how to best employ mirrors in your home to take advantage of your lighting fixtures and natural light in your home.

Don’t Make It Obvious

First thing’s first: don’t use a mirror as interior decoration and make it blatant that you are doing so to brighten a room. There should be some usefulness to the mirror, rather than it being propped up against a wall, directly under an overhead recessed light. It is important to dress things up as you would even if the mirror did not help a room’s lighting situation. Make sure you can quietly incorporate a mirror into your room design and wall decor, or else it may ruin the aesthetic of the space you are trying to brighten up.

Utilize Many Sizes of Mirrors

Narrow standing mirrors, full-length wall mirrors, and small hanging mirrors with decorative features are all viable options when it comes to brightening a space. Depending on where lights hang, lamps are standing, or the angle at which natural light shines through windows, you will need a certain shape and size of mirror for optimal effect. A full-length mirror, for example, can be great to place in between two windows to create the illusion of a third window and take away the harsh disconnect separating them. Don’t be afraid to experiment with circular, rectangular, and abstract shapes of mirror to create the best look and feel possible.

Positioning is Everything

As we mentioned above, where you put a mirror will be the make or break choice for how they light a room. Reflecting natural light from a window versus placing a long mirror along your windows will create two drastically different results. If you place a mirror where the television will be reflected, not only will the lighting fixtures be washed out, but you’ll also have to decide if the reflection of LED and Plasma glows are what you want in your home. Using mirrors that reflect an overhead light from a poorly-lit corner of the room, for example, will be useful for decoration, as well as creating a lighting solution without much fuss.

Lighting is our specialty here at Hobrecht Lighting. We want to help you make your home as bright and inviting as possible. If you have questions about using mirrors, wall decor, new light fixtures, or any other lighting questions, stop by our Sacramento showroom. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are ready to get you going on your next project whenever you are!

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