Do the lighting fixtures in your home not quite match the rest of your updated décor? Don’t worry! We at Hobrecht Lighting are here to reveal the latest 2021 light fixture trends so you can update your lighting design and get with the times. 

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Geometric Light Fixtures

Lighting fixtures with geometric shapes will be taking over 2021. These unique light fixtures provide a sense of structure and order to a room’s design, while also making it trendy and stylish in the process. Whether you’re looking to update the hanging lights in your kitchen to match your modern décor, or you’re wanting living room light fixtures that will make a statement and catch the eye, geometric light fixtures are a great option! 

Abstract Light Fixtures

If you’re someone who likes to color outside of the lines and have unique light fixtures in your home, the abstract light fixture trend for 2021 has your name written all over it. These free-form, abstract light fixtures are going to be all the craze in 2021. They play tricks on the eye and add a spunky personality to the space. The twisting lines of these unique light fixtures accent simple interior designs seamlessly, which is why they are a hot item to have in your home this upcoming year. 

Combined Material Light Fixtures

The style of combined material light fixtures like wood and metal that made their appearance in 2020 will continue into 2021 without a doubt. The mash-up of rustic and modern designs create texture and depth to a room that’s easy to match with a variety of home décor styles. Keep it interesting, and play around with combining different materials such as wood and metal, steel and ceramics, and so much more! Need help finding the right combination of materials for your home? Schedule a lighting consultation with our lighting experts at Hobrecht Lighting today! 

Matte Black Light Fixtures 

From kitchen pendant lighting to bathroom ceiling lights, one of the most popular lighting trends to take over 2021 is matte black lighting fixtures. The sleek and modern design that matte black lighting fixtures provide not only elevates the lighting design in a room, but it also harmonizes with so many different styles of décor. You can keep the décor in a room simple and add depth with the matte black light fixtures, or you can get funky with your design and use the matte black light fixtures to create balance. The choice is yours! 

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