With 18,000+ square feet of light fixtures and home decor, Hobrecht Lighting in Sacramento is one of the largest lighting stores in the area, and no one else has more experience. We have been in business for more than a hundred years and our experience and dedication to helping our customers find the right lights for their homes has never changed. We carry fixtures in many different styles so we’re sure to have something that will be a wonderful match for your decor. Check out our blog for information about our lighting store as well as product reviews and tons of great lighting and design tricks and tips from our staff of dedicated lighting experts and decorators!

  1. Lighting Your Living Room

    Living rooms might seem straightforward enough, but they are complicated rooms both in terms of how we use them and how they need to be lit. Gone are the days when a single fixture in the center of the room or a lamp in a corner was good enough. Whil…Read More

  2. Landscape and Pathway Lighting Basics

    California is fortunate to have relatively wonderful weather for most of the year. With that being the case, outdoor parties and gatherings don’t have to be exclusive to the summer months, which means your patios and decks are always at the ready. …Read More

  3. What are Lumens, Anyway?

    With the rise of LED lighting options, many folks are starting to make the switch in their homes and businesses alike. If you have taken a look at converting a room in your home or your entire abode to an LED lighting system, you may have noticed a s…Read More

  4. Welcome To Our Blog

    Hi there! Welcome to the very first blog post here at Hobrecht Lighting, a premier lighting store located in Sacramento. If you ended up here, chances are you’re looking for a trusted lighting showroom that provides high-quality lighting products f…Read More